Healing and Metaphysical Qualities of Green Aventurine November 20, 2017 November 20, 2017 Isis
Green aventurine has powerful metaphysical and healing properties.

Introduction to Green Aventurine

Green aventurine is a powerful and popular stone used for crystal energy healing and metaphysical uses.

Some of green aventurine’s most significant attributes include:

  • Aventurine has a profound ability to bring energies into harmony.
  • It has the ability to calm and soothing.
  • Green aventurine can provide spiritual, emotional, and physical comfort and support.
  • This crystal can help you face and understand deep seeded emotional problems.
  • This is a stone used to help one grow spiritually and be more connected to the spiritual world.
  • It has a strong connection to the heart chakra, and is able to protect this chakra from destructive energies and influences.
  • Aventurine can help bring balance back to the heart chakra, allowing us to improve relationships.
  • This crystal is one of the luckiest stones, imparting opportunity and good fortune to those who use it.

Green Aventurine Description

  • Aventurine is a form of quartz.
  • Its shimmering appearance is the result of small inclusions of mica and other minerals in the stone.
  • The name “aventurine” is originally from the Italian phrase “a ventura.” This translates to “by chance.”
  • Aventurine occurs in a wide range of colors and tones, such as blues, reds, purples, and yellows.
  • By far, the most commonly found color of aventurine is green.
  • This stone is usually translucent and may have bands running through it. However, occasionally opaque specimens can be found.
  • The color of green aventurine is created by the presence of tiny fuchsite particles embedded in quartz.
  • Green aventurine is a dramatic stone that has been popularly used to make jewelry, bowls, and carved sculptures, as well as for its healing properties.

Metaphysical and Spiritual Healing Qualities of Green Aventurine

Green aventurine’s primary metaphysical characteristic is that of promoting harmony. Some of its main spiritual and metaphysical uses include:

  • This crystals unifies and integrates our mind, body, and spirit, bringing us into balance within ourselves, and the spiritual world.
  • Because green aventurine is crystal that imparts spiritual comfort and calm, it is very useful as a tool for meditation.
  • It promotes our connection with positivity, shielding us from negative energy and thoughts.
  • This stone also helps to enhance our connection with the natural world and the spiritual world, allowing us to gain more insight and wisdom.

Emotional Healing Qualities of Green Aventurine

  • Green aventurine helps promote harmony and tranquility, soothing our minds and emotions during difficult times.
  • This crystal acts to calm emotional states that are out of balance, including agitation, anger, fear, and grief. It provides a sense of calm when we are experiencing anxiety and uncertainty.
  • Aventurine is effective for helping to overcome emotional pain. It provides clarity, which allows us to clearly see any underlying issues that we are holding on to. It can be an effective tool for letting go of unhealthy relationships, getting over a broken heart, or breaking destructive patterns.
  • Green aventurine helps us understand that difficult situations and periods are temporary, and that these are an opportunity to grow. It conveys optimism and hope, guiding us through difficulties.

Physical Healing Qualities of Green Aventurine

  • Green aventurine’s powerful connection to the heart chakra makes it especially useful for promoting heart health. It has been used as an aid in lowering cholesterol, as well as preventing hardening of the arteries. Those who are recovering from heart surgery often keep a piece of aventurine nearby.
  • This crystal is used to enhances and promote healing throughout the entire body. Individuals healing after surgery, sickness, or injury can take advantage of aventurine’s healing qualities.
  • This stone has also been used help promote healing of the lungs, glands, nervous system, skin, and the eyes.